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07 June 2024

Scifiniti Becomes a Participating Member of Crossref

We are delighted to share that Scifiniti is now a participating member of Crossref! This collaboration represents a significant step forward in our journey to make scholarly research more accessible and interconnected. By joining Crossref, we will enhance the visibility of our publications through DOI registration, ensuring they are easily discoverable and citeable across the global research community. This partnership reaffirms our commitment to making research easily accessible and supporting academic excellence globally.

28 March 2024

Scifiniti recently held its second Advisory Board meeting

Scifiniti recently held its second Advisory Board meeting, representing another significant step in its journey toward excellence in scientific publishing. The session began with a warm welcome extended to its newest advisor, Prof. Moussa Ayyash, and introductions of esteemed advisors,..

14 March 2024

MolModSim Connect welcomes Vannajan Sanghiran Lee as Editor-in-Chief

Scifiniti is delighted to welcome Dr. Vannajan Sanghiran Lee as MolModSim Connect's new Editor-in-Chief. A luminary in molecular modeling and simulations, Dr. Lee's distinguished career and recent recognition as the 2023 UNESCO Woman of Influence for Science and Technology position..

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