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For Societies and Institutes

Scifiniti extends Membership opportunities to institutes and societies aligned with their journal's scope. This collaboration offers authors in specific disciplines exclusive discounts on article publication and other Scifiniti services.

Participation in Scifiniti's Institutional Program is straightforward. Please submit an email from your institutional email address to confirm your agreement. Upon receipt, we will expediently register you as our institutional member, facilitating immediate benefits for authors associated with your institution. It is important to note that this offer will be applicable solely to articles in process or those not yet published.

Opting in or out of our program is designed for ease. To conclude your membership, please communicate with us via email, specifying the reason for discontinuation

Key Benefits

  • Scifiniti Publisher provides comprehensive support for open access, acknowledging the complexities involved in transitioning from a subscription-based model.
  • Societies and institutes can rely on our in-house production staff for copyediting, English editing, and efficient manuscript conversion. Submissions in Microsoft Word or LaTeX experience quick turnaround times.
  • Our qualified in-house editorial team handles complete manuscript management, covering peer-review, production, and submissions. This guarantees a meticulous editorial process, including full-text and XML conversion.
  • At Scifiniti Publisher, timely processes are prioritized to ensure straightforward and rapid editorial procedures. This guarantees prompt, high-quality publications achieved through close collaboration with authors.
  • Our electronic platform facilitates streamlined workflows from submission to editorial processing. Societies and institutes can benefit from integration with services like CiteULike, CrossRef, and Altmetric for convenient tracking.
  • Scifiniti Publisher acknowledges the importance of visibility for research. It lists publications in search results, leverages online presence, and focuses on search engine optimization for high rankings.
  • Scifiniti Publisher assigns Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs) to all articles, ensuring easy identification and accessibility. Published items are automatically deposited into different databases for wider reach.
  • Scifiniti Publisher collaborates with leading indexing and abstracting databases to boost research visibility and discoverability among peers.
  • Societies and publishers can benefit from digital marketing, newsletters, and conference participation. Scifiniti Publisher's experts collaborate to create a personalized marketing plan, ensuring maximum exposure.
  • Scifiniti Publisher ensures enduring archiving by depositing full copies in PORTICO.
  • Volumes and issues are centralized for easy navigation through hosting services on various platforms at Scifiniti Publisher.
  • Scifiniti Publisher is enabled to handle the billing and collection of article processing charges efficiently, incorporating negotiable pricing mechanisms.
  • Societies and institutes have access to on-demand, high-quality reprints of any article, volume, or special issue at Scifiniti Publisher.
  • Scifiniti Publisher acknowledges reviewer contributions with certificates and offers vouchers as a discount on publication fees.
  • Scifiniti Publisher explores institutional memberships, attracting submissions, and providing discounts for publishing in its Open Access journal. The company offers flexible agreements and centralized payment options for added convenience.

APC Charges

For detailed information on our current APC charges, kindly visit. Any additional queries or need for clarification can be addressed through our FAQ page.

Contact Us

For more information about our services and how we can assist your society or institute in your publishing journey, please reach out to us. Scifiniti Publisher remains steadfast in its commitment to making open access publishing more accessible and streamlined, grounded in principles of transparency, simplicity, and the cultivation of strong partnerships.