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Privacy Policy

We understand the importance of safeguarding your data's privacy. This privacy policy elucidates the meticulous measures we undertake to collect, utilize, and protect your information. Please note that this Privacy Policy applies to all journals associated with Scifiniti and data is exclusively collected from this website; no other website is currently associated with Scifiniti.

    I. Data Protection

    We make sure that any data we gather from our websites is shielded from unauthorized access by third parties. We take extra care to keep your information private by using advanced security technology.

    II. How we Collect your Personal Information

    • Website Browsing

    Scifiniti publishes scholarly journals and provides publishing services. As you browse our website, please be aware that certain information is automatically collected by our servers through the use of HTTP cookies.

      • The IP address from which you access our website
      • Name and Type of the device used by you
      • Data and Time when the website was visited
      • Operating System

    If your IP address or a similar method identifies you as part of a customer organization, such as a university or a company, we will also gather and utilize the organization's identity just to have a record of their students, members, or employees engaging with our website.

    This information is collected solely for the purpose of improving our website and for statistical analysis, no personal information is being collected. It helps us maintain demographic data and understand where our website is accessed globally.

    • Social Media

    Scifiniti provides various features, including article sharing, social media sharing, and login options. It is important to note that information provided by third parties is subject to their respective privacy policies.

    • Pop-Up Advertisements

    Pop-up advertisements encountered while using our website are not authorized, recommended, or endorsed by Scifiniti. These advertisements may arise from users' own previous online activities.

    • Google Analytics

    We utilize the Google Analytics tool to collect data on users' activities on our site. This information enables us to generate reports and enhance our system. For details on Google's Privacy Policy, please visit. Users also have the option to configure their browsers to opt out of providing data to Google Analytics by using the browser add-on provided by Google, available here.

    • Users’ Registration

    Our website facilitates registration for diverse roles such as reviewer, editorial board member, or editor. The registration process involves the collection of essential personal information, including your name, affiliation, country, email address, research interests, CV, and more. The details provided during your registration will be securely stored according to your chosen role.

    Upon submission of your application, we will diligently review it and initiate further communication tailored to the specific role you've selected. For instance, if you register as a reviewer, anticipate receiving periodic review requests aligned with your expertise. As an editorial board member or editor, we will engage with you for editorial purposes and explore potential collaboration opportunities.

    While your registration data remains in our system, you retain the flexibility to unsubscribe at any time by contacting us via email at [email address]. Your privacy and preferences are paramount, and we are committed to ensuring a seamless and responsive experience for all our registered users.

    • Alerts Subscription

    Users have the option to subscribe to our alert services, where we disseminate notifications to our registered users regarding new publications, Scifiniti initiatives, and pertinent news updates. These alerts are exclusively dispatched to our registered user base. Those interested in receiving these notifications can opt in by completing the registration process on our website. For alert subscriptions, only names and email addresses are required, and a double opt-in mechanism is in place. Upon registration, a confirmation email will be sent to your provided email address to ensure the authenticity of the registration. Following your confirmation, your name and email address will be securely stored in our system and utilized for alert services. Users retain the flexibility to opt out at any time by selecting the "Unsubscribe" option.

    Members affiliated with societies, universities, or institutions with whom we have collaboration agreements will automatically receive alerts as part of our collaborative commitment. Nevertheless, members maintain the autonomy to unsubscribe by utilizing the provided unsubscribe link in the alerts they receive.

    III. Confidentiality

    The information you provide is regarded as confidential, and we diligently uphold this confidentiality in strict adherence to our privacy notice and applicable legal standards. As a publishing company, Scifiniti refrains from engaging in commercial sales, rental, distribution, or any other form of making personal information available to third parties. However, there may be instances where we share information with trusted service providers for purposes explicitly outlined in our privacy notice. The preservation of your privacy and the confidentiality of your information stands as a cornerstone of our commitment and responsibility.

    IV. Your Rights

    It is surely your right to decide whether to hold or process your information in our system.  You can ask us at any time to delete or unsubscribe your personal information from our system. After receiving any such request from you, we will unsubscribe you from our system within a period of 15 days.

    V. Linked Websites at Scifiniti

    Scifiniti may provide links to external websites that are not under our control. It's important to note that Scifiniti cannot be held responsible or liable for the privacy practices, services, or content of these external websites. Users are advised to exercise discretion and review the privacy policies of linked websites when navigating beyond the Scifiniti domain.

    VI. Changes to the Privacy Policy

    This privacy policy is established as of November 2023, and Scifiniti reserves the right to modify it at any time. Changes can be implemented by posting updates without prior notification. Users are encouraged to regularly review the privacy policy to stay informed about any adjustments made to ensure ongoing compliance and understanding of our data handling practices.