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I. Authors

What is a Creative Commons license?

Creative Commons licenses provide a standardized framework that enables individuals and organizations to grant permission for the public to use their creative work while still retaining some copyright control. These licenses make it easier to share and collaborate on creative content within the bounds of copyright law. There are six different types of licenses CC BY, CC BY-SA, CC BY-NC, CC BY-NC-SA, CC BY-ND, and CC BY-NC-ND. For details regarding these license clauses, please visit:  

Which Creative Commons Attribution License is being used by Scifiniti?

All Scifiniti journals release articles under the CC BY 4.0 license. This license permits users to freely distribute, remix, adapt, and build upon the content in any medium or format, provided they give proper attribution to the original copyright holder. Additionally, commercial use is allowed as long as appropriate credit is given to the author.

What are the Article Processing Charges for publishing articles in Scifiniti?

Scifiniti implements specific Article Processing Charges (APCs) for publishing articles, and the journal-specific APCs can be found on our website. It's important to note that for the inaugural issue of any journal, no charges will be applied. All articles published by Scifiniti remain freely accessible, promoting unlimited dissemination, enhancing visibility, and increasing the likelihood of citations for your articles.

What is the system employed by Scifiniti for processing submitted articles?

All articles submitted to Scifiniti are processed through our online submission platform. It's important to note that utilizing our dedicated platform streamlines the submission process, ensuring efficient handling and avoiding delays associated with articles sent via email.

What type of review process is employed for articles submitted to Scifiniti?

Scifiniti utilizes a single-blind review process, in which the reviewers' identities remain confidential, but the authors' identities are revealed to the reviewers.

What is the process for reproducing any content published in Scifiniti journals?

Please note that all articles published by Scifiniti are licensed under CC BY 4.0. Therefore, formal permission is not required to reproduce any portion of the article. However, it is imperative to provide appropriate attribution to the author by citing it as a reference.

Who should be included in the list of authors?

At Scifiniti, we adhere to the ICMJE (International Committee of Medical Journal Editors) guidelines on authorship. We strongly recommend that only individuals who meet the criteria outlined by ICMJE should be listed as authors.

I would like to propose a new journal. What is the procedure for doing so?

To propose a new journal title, please submit your request via email. This request should include the proposed journal name, its aims and scope, a potential list of editors, and other relevant information.

How do I request a correction or retraction for an article that has already been published in one of Scifiniti's journals?

Requests for corrections or retractions should be made through the editorial office of the respective Scifiniti journal. Provide clear reasons and documentation for the request, and the editorial office will guide you through the process.

II. Reviewers

How can I become a reviewer for Scifiniti Journals?

If you'd like to become a reviewer for Scifiniti journals, we encourage you to register yourself by completing the reviewers' registration form. Your profile will undergo evaluation by the Editor, and if it aligns with the journal's requirements, you will be assigned articles for review.

What is the average review time for an article submitted at Scifiniti?

The average review time from the date of the first submission is 3-4 weeks.

I'm currently reviewing an article, but I need some more time to complete my review. Is it possible to request an extension?

Kindly notify the editorial office without delay, and they will determine the feasibility of granting an extension.

I have received a manuscript for review, but there may be a potential conflict of interest with the author. Who should I contact in this situation?

If you suspect a conflict of interest, please refrain from reviewing the manuscript and immediately contact the editorial office. They will arrange for an alternative reviewer to ensure an unbiased evaluation.

I've received a manuscript for review, but I've identified a significant percentage of plagiarism. Should I get in touch with the author about this issue?

Please refrain from communicating directly with the author regarding plagiarism concerns. Instead, promptly inform the Editorial office so they can take the necessary steps and address the matter appropriately.

III. Editors

How can I join the editorial board of Scifiniti Journals?

If you are interested in joining the editorial board of Scifiniti Journals, we encourage you to select a journal and role of interest and submit your request through our online form. Your profile will be reviewed by the Editor, and the decision will be communicated to you by the Editorial Office.

What is the role of the editorial board in the journal publication process at Scifiniti?

The editorial board at Scifiniti plays a pivotal role in shaping the content of the journal, selecting reviewers, and making editorial decisions. They ensure that published articles meet the high standards and scope of Scifiniti journals.