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In 2023, Scifiniti was established to be a frontrunner in scholarly publishing. With our headquarters in the United Arab Emirates, we have a mission that transcends geographical boundaries to serve the global scientific community. Our goals are closely aligned with the UAE's forward-thinking vision of advancing science, technology, and knowledge for the sake of all humanity.

Our motivation was deeply rooted in the challenges faced by researchers worldwide during the COVID-19 pandemic. Recognizing the pivotal role of open-access initiatives in overcoming those challenges, Scifiniti was established with a foundational core value: “Open Science for All”. In line with this ethos, we proudly serve scholars from around the world, ensuring that the latest research is freely available. We are fully committed to maintaining high editorial standards, including rigorous peer review, adherence to ethical guidelines, and ensuring the integrity of every piece of work we handle.

Our leadership consists of professionals with profound expertise in scholarly publishing and the broader publishing industry. The combined expertise of the team, along with our dedication to innovation and quality, enables us to keenly understand the changing needs of the academic community. Thus, we proudly offer a range of top-tier services, from publishing high-quality research articles and books to providing journal management services and organizing international scientific conferences.

Scifiniti views global collaboration as a cornerstone of its mission. By connecting researchers and institutions from around the world, we aim to foster a vibrant international community of scholars. As the leading open-access publishing house of its kind in the region, Scifiniti is supported by a vast network of academic experts who share our mission, values, and dedication to providing top-tier service for our authors.