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Publishing Services

We provide comprehensive editorial services for successful journal launches and smooth publication processes.

Our team is proficient in various online systems, ensuring timely and seamless publishing across platforms like ScholarOne, Editorial Manager, and Open Journal Systems.

With a personalized approach, we tailor our services to meet your institution's or publishing entity's unique needs, ensuring the highest quality standards. Whether you're a university, society, or publisher, our dedication to enhancing your journey toward publication excellence remains unwavering.

Journals Launching

Launching a new journal is a complex process, so having the support of an experienced team like Scifiniti can be invaluable in navigating the editorial and indexation requirements of academic publishing.

  • Development of Editorial Policies and Guidelines

    Our experienced editorial managers work collaboratively to develop editorial policies and guidelines as per international standards.

  • Development of Editorial Board

    We will help you to identify and develop an editorial team comprised of eminent scientists which would enhance the editorial stature of your journals.

  • Selection of Publishing Platforms and Software

    Scifiniti would assist you in selecting the best online manuscript processing platforms, including but not limited to ScholarOne, Editorial Manager, and Open Journal Systems.

  • Design and Branding of the New Journal

    We offer comprehensive assistance in the design and branding of your journal, covering website design, logos, and flyers.

Managing Editor Support

Managing Editor Support service will assist you in managing the day-to-day operations of the editorial office, including:

  • Manuscript processing from submissions to publication
  • Coordination with the editors, authors, and reviewers
  • Managing peer review process
  • Ensuring submitted manuscripts follow ethical standards as recommended by COPE, ICMJE, and reporting guidelines
  • Verification of journals’ compliance with the indexing agencies and submission of them for evaluation in important indexing agencies
  • Managing the production process from copyediting to layout and publishing
  • Coordination with the editors, authors, and reviewers
  • Identifying and addressing any issues that may arise during the editorial process, such as delays or quality control issues, to ensure that manuscripts are published in a timely manner and to the highest standards

Peer Review Management Support

Peer review is an essential process in academic publishing that involves the evaluation of the quality, validity, and originality of submitted manuscripts by experts in the relevant field of study. However, managing the peer review process can be time-consuming and challenging, especially for journals that receive a large volume of submissions. Scifiniti can help by managing the entire peer review process for publishers and journals on their preferred online systems such as ScholarOne, Editorial Manager, Open Journal Systems, etc.
Some of the key tasks involved in peer review management support include:

  • Assigning reviewers

    The editorial office management team identifies and assigns appropriate reviewers to submitted manuscripts with the consultation and decision of the Editor-in-Chief.

  • Managing the review process

    We help you manage the peer-review process, ensuring that reviewers are provided with clear guidelines and deadlines and that they submit their reviews on time.

  • Conflict of Interest Prevention

    While managing the peer review process, we ensure the absence of conflicts of interest among authors and reviewers. If any such conflict is identified, the manuscript review is promptly halted, and an alternative reviewer is assigned.

  • Quality control

    We ensure that the peer-review process is conducted to a high standard, with thorough reviews that provide constructive feedback to authors to improve the quality of the paper.


Scifiniti's indexation services help academic and scientific journals ensure that their articles follow the indexing guidelines and requirements of different databases and repositories.

  • Indexing Guidelines

    We help journals to understand the indexing guidelines and requirements of different databases and repositories, ensuring that the articles published in the journal are in compliance with these guidelines.

  • Indexing Audits

    Scifiniti conducts audits of the indexing data for journals, ensuring that the data is complete, accurate, and in compliance with the requirements of different databases and repositories.

  • Compliance Reporting

    A detailed report is provided on the compliance status of the journals as per indexing agencies' requirements, including any gaps or issues that need to be addressed. We help you to fix the gaps.

  • Database Selection

    We help authors and publishers identify the most appropriate abstracting and indexing databases for their specific needs and goals.

  • Submission Management

    We manage the submission process, ensuring that you work is properly submitted and tracked within the selected databases.

  • Reporting and Analysis

    We provide detailed reporting and analysis of the impact of your work, including citation counts and usage statistics, to help you measure the success of your publishing efforts.