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Computing&AI Connect

Aims & Scope

Computing&AI Connect is a dynamic interdisciplinary journal that serves as a central platform for the exchange of cutting-edge computing sciences and technologies research and the intersection of different computing fields and artificial intelligence. The primary aim is to foster collaboration and knowledge sharing among researchers, practitioners, and academicians.

The scope of the journal covers various critical areas:

  • Exploration of novel algorithms and methodologies in classical, parallel, and distributed computing.
  • Delving into various machine learning techniques, including deep learning, reinforcement learning, and transfer learning.
  • Investigations of computing and AI theories and approaches to deal with research problems in diverse fields.
  • Research on intelligent systems architectures and engineering.
  • Examination of AI-driven applications across diverse domains such as healthcare, transportation, finance, cyber intelligence applications, Internet of Things, robotics, computational theory of learning, signal processing, bioinformatics, and natural language processing.
  • Research on human-computer interaction, with a focus on enhancing user experience and usability.
  • Networks of interconnected sensors for data collection and analysis.
  • Applications leveraging the connection between computing and AI techniques.
  • Study of interactions between humans and computers, including graphical interfaces.
  • Exploration of ethical considerations in computing and AI, including privacy concerns, bias mitigation, and societal impact assessments.
  • Discussion of techniques and applications related to knowledge representation, data preprocessing, analysis, and visualization, emphasizing the synergy between computing and AI.
  • Investigation of emerging technologies that integrate computing and AI, such as edge computing, IoT, cybersecurity, and blockchain.
  • Research on computing and AI security.